Nieuws - 19 maart 2009


At present, car drivers can only access Wageningen Campus via the roundabout on the Mansholtlaan. If it’s up to Wageningen UR, that is going to change.

Plans for a second exit from the campus are now with the Wageningen municipal council for appraisal. Wageningen UR wants a second roundabout on the Mansholtlaan at the south-eastern end of the campus, a few hundred meters from the existing roundabout.
The new roundabout would connect with the existing road going past the site of the future second education building. This road is also the planned new bus route that will go through the campus to the Noordwest neighbourhood, improving access to the campus. At least, that is the wish expressed in the proposed plans for the campus put together by Wageningen UR and the municipal council. Council approval is still pending.
In the longer term the idea is that that the campus should also become accessible to cars and bicycles from the western end.