Nieuws - 23 oktober 2008

Running for your food

About twenty students and staff of Wageningen UR stood waiting on a windy corner in front of the International Club on Thursday 16 October to participate in the Run for Food. The Wageningen organisation Otherwise wanted to use this run on World Food Day 2008 to show that food is meant to provide energy to people, not to cars.

The winning team during the Run for Food.
As it turns out, the name Run for Food is not only meant figuratively speaking, but also literally. The participants are getting the food after which their team has been named at four locations along the route: corn-on-the-cob, sugar cane or cassava. About half an hour after the starting shot, the Maize Team was the first to pass the finish. The runners get to keep the collected products as a souvenir or to boost their energy level.

After three lectures including one on the uneven distribution of food, it is nearly time for the Fair Share Dinner, with which the meeting will be concluded. Though first, there is a distribution problem at micro scale. The food is ready, but at the wrong location.
Eventually, the by now pretty hungry Run for Food participants and about sixty others are able to sit down at the table for a ‘fair meal’. It is composed of what every world citizen would be able to eat every evening if consumption would be distributed equally. Those who fear meagre portions are reassured. The menu has three courses and second helpings are allowed.