Nieuws - 13 april 2005

Rowers get pro coach

Naming a new boat is quite a ritual. Rector Speelman, who had been invited to name one of the three new boats at Argo student rowing club, had difficulty pouring the Rhine water out of a green can over the boat. But he had good news for the club: together with the Wageningen Universiteitsfonds and old members, the university will pay for a pro coach for Argo.
The rowing club wants to hire a professional coach because it thinks it will improve its performance and also attract more international students. At present there are two French students in the first year eight. The club also intends to start rowing activities in the weekend to attract more international students. An English-language video on safe rowing is also planned.
The agreements were made known during the naming ceremony for three new boats a C4, a training boat for four plus cox, and two coxless racing doubles. Like the rowing club itself, the boats were named after figures in Greek mythology: Pollux, Athamas and Pelias. / YdH