News - December 1, 2010

Rover: ‘Students, don’t check in today!’

A system error means that when students use their public transport smart cards in Connexxion buses today an amount is erroneously deducted from the card. The passengers’ association Rover advises students not to check in when using these buses.

As a result of the fault, the transport company Connexxion’s system does not recognize the student pass on the smart card.
A Rover spokesperson thinks most bus drivers are now aware of the fault and will be accommodating. ‘Although we are also getting reports that some are being difficult. In that case students can ask for their money back using a form we have put on our website.’
The disadvantage for the students is that they do have to stick on a stamp, says Rover. The association is going to ask Connexxion to refund the cost of the stamp as well and to make the refund process free from now on.
Connexxion was not yet able to give a response.