Nieuws - 7 november 2009

Rocking at Unitas' student party

Fuser invites... - a good old typical Unitas party - was held at Ceres on Thursday 5 November. 'A great party, but with a student-like air', commented ex-Unitasers.

DJ Benny Rodrigues, known among house parties throughout the country, entertains at 'Fuser invites...' on 5 November at Ceres.
The nationally renowned DJ Benny Rodrigues staged the first big 'Fuser invites...' party since the closing of the Wagenigen student association Unitas. Unitas and DJ Fuser started working together about five years ago. Together with a guest DJ, Fuser played what is known on his website as 'sexy uplifting ass rocking house music'. These parties were a hit in Wageningen and packed in the crowds.
'We wanted to find out how the Fuser parties would fare at Ceres. And of course, it's fantastic to have a big name like Benny Rodrigues play in our association', says Gijs Bonarius, present of Ceres. He described the party last evening as a big success. 'The party really struck the right chord.' Even he himself could be found on the dance floor when duties permitted. This Ceres president already frequented the Fuser parties in the days of Unitas. 'I like this music genre.'
Just another student party
Several ex-executives of Unitas give the thumbs up for Fuser invites... Benny Rodrigues at Ceres. 'The mood was right and there was a good crowd. But the atmosphere was actually quite different. Other Wageningen youths used to turn up, but there were only students this time', says Tom Driedonks.
The atmosphere was indeed student-like, agrees Joris Soeter. He was in charge of parties for Unitas last year as its commissioner for activities. As Unitas was open to all, people also showed up at the parties for the sake of the music style, he explains. 'These people would go really wild. This time, it was more about having drinks together and socializing. It ought to be more partying for those with a taste for the music, but it's now just another student party. We already have enough of these in Wageningen', adds Soeter. But a success is a success, is his closing remark. 'The DJ played well and the party was well organized. That's what counts most.'
Will Ceres organize more 'Fuser invites...'? 'We are still considering this. We would need to let other parties have a go', says its president.