Nieuws - 15 november 2012

Revolution goes XL

Flashing laser lights, dancers on the stage and letting rip to blistering House: this is the recipe for a Revolution party. Last Thursday at Ceres a huge crowd encountered this phenomenon for the first time. It is time for Revolution XL.

It was clear from Facebook that this was going to be a hit: more than 500 students said they planned to go to Revolution XL. Leon Sturkenboom knows from experience that you can easily double an indication like that. Revolution is booming. Together with Joost Starmans, Leon has been organizing this party concept in Wageningen for the past six months or so. Café het Gat, a club that Leon feels is made for dance music, was the regular venue until the growing numbers of party-goers made it necessary to seek a larger venue. And that was Ceres.
Hot beat
At around midnight the party starts hotting up. Outside, there's a queue all the way to the street. The DJ is a well-known name on the dance scene. The latest hits are blasting out, sometimes cleverly mixed, sometimes spiced up with a sprinkle of electronics and a hot beat.  Anyone ready for something more exotic can move to the 'Revo stage', where the real House and Techno are being played, with deep bass sounds, bleeps and other indefinable audio creations.
Leon and Joost view the spectacle with satisfaction. The two students of Soil, Water and Atmosphere know exactly what they want. 'Other parties lack that professional touch, things like a really good DJ.' In Ceres they have found a venue that suits their ambitions.  'This is the student venue in Wageningen,' believes Leon. 'Our being here proves that there is more demand out there for this type of party.'