Nieuws - 24 november 2009

Revamped WUR-site is solid and dynamic

The revamped is a modern and dynamic website. The user navigates along themes to research and other scientific news.

The site is a notch above the websites of other Dutch universities: its homepage is more inviting, fresher and has a more comprehensive layout than most other homepages.
But it's not an exciting website for a student in search of enjoyable reading material to pass his time. The scientific information presented is comprehensive but without the depth students need for research. The people who will particularly benefit from the revamped site are those searching for specific information about Wageningen UR, such as future students, contractors and project partners.
Since its launch, three themes are displayed on the homepage: nutrition & health, climate and biobased economy. Pauline Greuell, Wageningen UR communication advisor in charge, explains: 'The content of our organization in the form of three themes is now given more prominence on the site. The number of theme sites will eventually be increased to ten. One of the aims is to score more hits in external search engines for our major strategic themes.' 
The 'read more' button brings the user to a page with articles and news concerning a particular theme, where trendy built-in videos can be found. Except for these three themes and the homepage, the website looks the same as before. Such style variations will remain: 'The site is in constant development, but we do not intend the entire site to have the same design as the homepage or the theme pages.'
Other new features include a Google-based search feature, the availability of news feeds on the popular society channel Twitter and a flexible area to explore current affairs. The last involves mainly taking up articles from Resource, while it might as well link directly to this other newly re-styled site.