Nieuws - 1 september 2011

Resource magazine: now in English too

Resource magazine has gone fully bilingual. The Dutch edition of the magazine for staff and students at Wageningen UR will now be accompanied by an English-language edition. This is a response by the editors and publisher to the growing internationalization of Wageningen UR.

Of all the Dutch university papers, Resource is the first to issue a fully bilingual magazine. Wageningen UR (University and Research centre) leads the field in the Netherlands when it comes to internationalization. At least one quarter of the students and staff come from abroad. And they come from 105 different countries.
The English-language Resource - Resource [ENG] - contains full translations of the Dutch articles. 'From a readers' survey it was clear that the international students and staff don't want us to make a selection for them from the articles', says editor-in-chief Gaby van Caulil. 'They want to know everything; they are full members of the Wageningen UR community. This helps increase involvement and it is also a chance to give people an insight into Dutch habits and traditions.'
Just like the Dutch edition, the English magazine is intended for all staff and students at Wageningen UR. The magazine reaches readers via trays located in key foyers and social areas. Resource [ENG] will be placed in its own recognizable distribution rack.
This initiative by Resource is all the more striking at a time when many higher education media are limiting their investments to their websites. In many cases, that happens at the expense of a printed magazine. The University of Utrecht, for example, only has a website nowadays. 'We will continue to focus on both media', says Van Caulil. 'Our website, which was already bilingual, is mainly used for news and discussion. But the readers' survey showed that people still place a high value on the magazine. With its longer feature articles and interviews, the magazine contributes to a real campus feeling. For the international community too.'