Nieuws - 7 oktober 2010

Resource is looking for a snappy blogger

Do you ever get angry about student housing issues? Do you admire the education system in Wageningen? Or you are surprised by aspects of the strange Dutch culture?

In short, do you have a decided opinion on any issues concerning international students and staff? Do you also have a snappy style of writing?
Then Resource needs you! Resource is the news and opinion medium for the students and staff of Wageningen UR. We are looking for a blogger for our English website, Someone who writes from the heart, is not afraid to be critical in public and uses accessible English. Sorry, no Dutch people.
Of course you won't be working for nothing. We will pay you for your efforts and you'll get feedback so that you can develop.

Interested in sharing, or ranting about, your experiences here in the Netherlands? Not sure if you're the one we are looking for? Don't hesitate and give us a call. Gaby van Caulil: 0317-482997,