Nieuws - 27 augustus 2009

Record swims for Rieneke Terink

The biology student keeps setting new personal records in Swimming championships.

She did so in the hundred metre freestyle final at the British open championships in July in Sheffield. She came sixth. In the 400 metres the bronze also went to Terink, who trains at AZ&PC in Amersvoort with Fedor Hes. One week later in an international competition in Leeds, Terink was faster than ever in the 400 metres freestyle (4.05.45). She is just one second off the Dutch record set by Kirsten Vlieghuis in 1998. Her new records have nothing to do with the latest high-tech swimsuits that aid buoyancy. ‘In England I swam in both the good old Speedo LZR Racer and the new Jaked, and it doesn’t make much difference to me. I'm always quite high in the water anyway.’ /YdH