Science - April 7, 2005

Record sports card sales

The University Sports Centre De Bongerd (USB) has sold more than four thousand sports cards this academic year, the highest number since 1993/4. If sales continue, more than seventy percent of students will have a sports card, a proportion unequalled by any other university in the country. According to head of the USB, Henri ten Klooster, its success is to do with the fitness room, the e-mail service they offer and the sports programmes, which satisfy the students’ demands. The sports card also allows students to use the local swimming pool during all the recreational opening times. USB hopes that sales of the sports cards will continue to rise, and are considering offering classes, for spinning perhaps, in the lunch hour. In May a summer sports card will go on sale for half price, 25 euros, which will entitle students to do fitness, squash, tennis and use the sports hall until the end of September, and to attend classes until they stop at the end of June. / YdH