Student - August 18, 2011

Record number taking part in AID

The freshers' week has more periods of rest this year and there is a light version for Master's students.

The Wageningen AID, in which new students get introduced to university life, is heading for a record with around 1,700 participants, one third of whom are Master's students.
The first years get treated to a well-filled programme between 19 and 24 August. A few changes have been made compared with last year, explains Sander de Kraker, one of the organisers. ‘The film has been moved to the Board offices site because that has more room than the Grote Markt. We have also incorporated more periods of rest. The sports day is shorter and there is a brunch rather than a breakfast so that the first years get a bit of a lie-in. There will also be a lounge area at the information market where students can chill out.'
Everyone taking part in the introduction week will have a ‘Mum' or ‘Dad'. Last year there were 180 Master's students attending the introduction week without the support of a senior student. The organisers are pleased that there have enough applicants this year for the role of mentor during the introduction week so that all the Master's students can be covered as well.
The new Master's students are able to choose a light version for the first time as an alternative to the regular AID. This light version concentrates on providing information. ‘Some Master's students are already a bit older and are therefore less interested in student life,' says De Kraker. A third of the Master's students have chosen the light version of the introduction.