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Recipe for Chinese dumplings

Recipe for Chinese dumplings

Recipe for Chinese dumplings

Stuffing: Chop ingredients as fine as possible; squeeze water out if
necessary; mix.
1) Cooked spinach; eggs, beaten with cornflour, water and salt; ground
pork; salt, pepper, sesame oil.
2) Ground pork; Chinese cabbage; scallions; ginger; garlic; celery; pinch
of Chinese five spices powder (star aniseed, pepper, fennel seed, cinnamon,
clove); salt.
3) Mix whatever you like, e.g. shrimps, chives, scallions, bamboo shoot,
dried mushrooms, bok choi cabbage, Chinese radish.

Dough: put flour in mixing bowl, add salt as needed; drizzle cold water
slowly, stir; knead to make soft dough; set aside for 20 min.; gradually
pull and knead dough to make long thick rope, roll out to make it even;
make small balls; push these flat; roll out into circles with rolling pin
(about 10 cm diameter); put spoonful of stuffing in centre; fold over and
press edges tightly together; try to make same sizes and shapes.

Cooking: put in large pan of boiling water for 5-10 minutes.

Dips: soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, mashed garlic, mixture of hot chilli
paste, chilli oil and garlic.

Yvonne de Hilster