Nieuws - 7 april 2011

'Really doing something for sustainability'

Who? Liset Meddens (25), Master's student of International Development Studies
What? Elected as UN youth delegate for Sustainability
Why? To urge youth and international politicians to pay attention to the future of the planet

Why have the youth organizations picked you?
'The combination of sustainability, youth and international politics fits me. I have given guest lectures at secondary schools about Al Gore's film and Plastic Soup. I also attended the climate conference in Copenhagen to raise the issue of the underrepresentation of African countries.'
Do you have a key mission?
'Sustainable development doesn't mean much to many people, although it concerns our future and our environment. I want to make it more concrete and draw inspiration from what is already being done. There are already many nice initiatives, by young people too. I would like to set up a network with young people from developing countries.'
What are you looking forward to most?
'To go out into the real world now after graduating, so as not to be working only with theories but actually get things done.