Student - July 7, 2011

Ready for the drive to Zambia

It is many people's dream but it will be a dream come true for Tim Super and Rob van de Ven: driving in an old LandCruiser from the Netherlands to Africa - Zambia to be precise - in nearly three months.

Rob (left) and Tim with their pimped LandCruiser on their way to Africa.
The students both live in the Klokhuis, and they are undertaking this adventure with their friend - and electrician - Stefan. They set off last Saturday after one and a half years spent preparing for the journey. The project name: Overlanding.
The three have done a lot of work on the jeep; they added the roof tent themselves, as they did the system of drawers in the boot and the reserve wheel carrier, all recycled from an old trailer tent. They managed to get the bull bar free through the online trading site marktplaats, and they were given a pen that uses UV light to disinfect water as a sponsoring deal.
The costs for the journey have been budgeted at 5,000 euros per person. That includes plane tickets as they will be flying home from Zambia - they are still looking for someone who wants to make the trip overland in the opposite direction.
Plastic whistles
The most nerve-racking bit will be the border crossings. 'Three white guys in a truck will look like a kind of wallet on wheels', thinks Tim. So they are taking plastic whistles, dyno torches and pens to put customs officials in the right mood. The Overlanders have had to change their itinerary because of the protests in Syria. When they left on Saturday they were still not sure what route they would be taking exactly. That's exciting. But they are also looking forward to Sudan.
Getting ideas
The trip is not just a Boy's Own adventure. Rob is studying Forestry and Nature Management, and he wants to see different kinds of land use with his own eyes. His specialization of Aquaculture and Fisheries is taking the three along the Nile and ecologically interesting areas such as Lake Victoria and Lake Malawi. Tim still has contacts in Africa from his Tropical Agriculture degree at VHL. Now he is taking a Master's in Food Quality Management and he wants to find out about local initiatives. Indeed, an underlying aim of the journey is to get ideas for future companies, research projects or small businesses.
The lads are keeping a blog: