Science - June 23, 2005

Re-registration now through internet

Senior students will have to re-register for the new academic year through the internet. They will not receive registration papers through the post. All students were informed of the changes by the student administration office last week, by e-mail of course.

‘We increasingly receive requests from students asking if we can deal with administrative matters through internet,’ explains Paul Geurts, head of the Central Student Administration Office. ‘Last year we carried out a small-scale test with the system and it went well. It is now much simpler for students to re-register and the system is easier for us to use.’

The system uses registration data and therefore can only be used by students who are already registered. At present only students of Dutch or Surinamese nationality can use the system. Not everything can be done through internet: students have to print out the payment form, sign it and send it by post. ‘We still need a signature according to the law,’ explains Geurts.

Almost three hundred students have already re-registered through the new system. In order to make the module visible students must have the language set to Dutch on the CSA website. / JH