Nieuws - 9 oktober 2008

Rapid move of AFSG to campus possible after all

The second education building of Wageningen UR will be smaller and therefore cheaper than was the initial intention. It will be possible through efficient use of space on the Wageningen Campus.

Consequence of these savings is that all of AFSG will be able to move from ‘de Dreijen’ to the campus. That is what Ad van der Have says, policy officer at Property and Building Matters.
Forum, which was supposed to harbor all teaching activities under one roof, can support 4100 students of Wageningen University and 800 of Van Hall Larenstein Wageningen. It has already become too small as currently, close to five thousand students are studying at Wageningen University. If the present growth continues, there will be 6200 in 2012 and about 7500 around 2020, says Van der Have. That is why there is a need for an extra education building.
Prior to the summer vacation, Property and Building Matters was still counting on a second education building of 34 thousand square meters. Meanwhile, that has been reduced to a little over twenty thousand square meters. The second education building will thus rank between Atlas and Forum in terms of size, according to Van der Have. It has to be completed by the end of 2012 in order to be able to house the expected 6200 students.