Organisation - April 29, 2010

Raoul Bino returns to Wageningen

Raoul Bino is to be the new director of the AFSG. Bino left the Plant Sciences Group in September last year to join the Technical University in Delft, where he became dean of the Technical Physics faculty.

Applause for Raoul Bino (right) at the Biotechnion this morning
Board chairman Aalt Dijkhuizen announced Bino's appointment this morning in the Biotechnion. The announcement was greeted with applause. 'After a long procedure, in which we also used the services of a headhunter, we ended up with two of the 15 or so applicants still in the running', says Dijkhuizen. 'One of the candidates turned out not to be suitable for the job after all. And the second had second thoughts and withdrew.'
Fast exit
It then turned out that Bino, who has announced his departure from Delft, was available again. 'The TU is a great University, but there's a lot wrong there too', says Bino in explanation of his short stay in Delft. He thinks it's very special that after nearly a year away from Wageningen UR, he is welcomed back with open arms. 'I am happy to be here again, and we can do a lot together', he says. 'Everything is ready. We've got the strategy, the people and the will.'
Unanimous yes vote
 'If Raoul had applied, he would have been number one anyway', says Dijkhuizen. 'The Employees Council met this morning and was unanimously in favour of appointing Raoul. I'm happy that this has worked out like this.' What is needed now, says Dijkhuizen, is to continue with the AFSG's current strategy. 'It's going well financially, we don't have to think up much that is new, but can take it from here.'
Bino's appointment is viewed positively by the professors too. 'I am happy', says Marcel Zwietering, Professor of Food microbiology. 'It is difficult to find someone who's good at science, networking and management. Bino proved himself suited to this job when he worked as director of Plant sciences. He has earned his laurels, he can deal well with the professors, Food & Bio-based Research, and the Executive board.'
Professor of Human nutrition Frans Kok is enthusiastic too. 'Raoul knows the University and will steer things there with an eye to the market', says Kok. 'I see a lot of common ground between research at Plant and at Food, which is a big advantage. On top of that, Raoul has a lot of knowledge of high-tech equipment, so that he will make sure that our 'Wagenpark' stays up-to-date.'
Back in Delft, they can only speculate about the reasons for Bino's fast exit from the TU. When he arrived there, the Technical Physics faculty was presented as a faculty that was running very well. But he hadn't been there long before all the Delft faculties were faced with budget cuts of ten percent. What annoyed Bino, according to our informants, was that the Delft rector, his predecessor at Technical Physics, looked over his shoulder during planning.