Nieuws - 27 augustus 2010

Rains poured cold water on estate game

A rainy forecast doused the plans for a live Stratego match during the Velp introduction week. The game was supposed to enable two rival groups to become friends. 'Instead of playing, the freshies would rather put up rain shelters.' Come what may.

Freshies around a campfire on the camp grounds of Arboricultura in Velp.
Throughout the introduction week, the Larenstein Estate in Velp was divided into two camp sites full of tents. One was governed by student society Quercus, while Arboricultura's sceptre lorded it over the other. Participants during the introduction week had to indicate beforehand the society they wished to belong to. The freshmen of one society hardly got to meet those of the other.
Heavy rains
A game of Stratego on Wednesday 25 August was supposed to change that. Re-grouped into four new teams, the students would go in search of dishcloth-shaped flags of the other teams. 'In the process, they would get to meet students from another society', explained Remco Dragt from Quercus.
The game was however cancelled a few hours before its start. 'We were expecting heavy rains in the evening, and so talked our supervisors into putting up rain shelters to at least keep the intro-goers dry', says Dragt. So, instead of mingling intensively in a game, the new students hung around on their own camp sites.
On the grounds of Quercus, the first years sat on benches all over the place. Just then, a grenade-like plastic object whizzed by as it was being tossed from bench to bench. 'After the study-related excursion, everyone was tired out', commented a mentor, Marjan Dekker. 'I don't think that anyone cared much for that live Stratego anyway.' The same opinion made its rounds on the camp grounds of Arbori.  Harmen Bergmans too felt that things went alright. Sitting on a little embankment, this prospective garden and landscape student said: 'We did a lot of sports yesterday', as he soaked up an Idols-hype performance of who could scream the loudest. Susanne Kroon also felt that the arrangements were fine. 'We made a bicycle trip today to the highest point in the Veluwe. We missed two signposts and wouldn't have been back on time for that Stratego anyway. Moreover, I have already made some new acquaintances, and I'll surely know the rest later.'
Well, the shelters hadn't been put up in vain. It did rain the whole evening.