Nieuws - 23 november 2010

Radix occupants still complain about temperature and noise

Better temperature regulation, less noise, better coffee. These are some of the wishes of the occupants of Radix, going by the results of an employees' survey.

The air conditioning in Radix leaves much to be desired. The employees of the Plant Sciences Group (PSG) are not satisfied with matters concerning temperature and ventilation in their new building. The open workplaces have also given rise to noise problems. However, they are positive about the other features of the building and the workplaces, such as: telephone services, ICT services, furniture, facilities and the atmosphere. Their general opinion about Radix is positive anyway, as apparent from a survey on Radix for employees; the survey was carried out by the PSG Employees' Council.
Sweltering heat
The plant researchers moved into their building in mid 2009. Before long, complaints were heard. The sun blinds had to be pulled up and down, and up and down again under changing skies. Some employees had to put up their own sun blind or an umbrella so that they could see what was on their computer screen. The heat was sweltering on one floor of Radix, while people wore winter jackets on another. Even the open-plan office concept worked out badly for many employees. 'We have to whisper when making phone calls or we get complaints', one secretary said.
Meanwhile, most of the employees are satisfied with the re-adjusted sun blinds. But temperature regulation still has room for improvement and it is still very noisy in the open workplaces. Noise problems are really bad in the 'Tempora 2' temporary offices at the back of Radix. The employees in Finance and Personnel Affairs, who are housed there, are yearning for improvement.
The Employees' Council received 444 returned survey forms. Since then, it has discussed the survey results with the management, who will make improvements. As such, the toilets will be cleaned more thoroughly, the coffee will taste better, noise from the coffee corners will be kept down, more lights will be installed where employees have asked for, and fresh flowers will be placed at the building entrance. The Employees' Council is currently going through the answers to the open questions in the survey and will put forward more suggestions for long term improvement in Radix.