Nieuws - 1 januari 1970

Rabbingetoch senator

Rabbingetoch senator

Rabbingetoch senator

Hoogleraar prof. dr ir Rudy Rabbinge is met voorkeurstemmen verkozen in de Eerste Kamer

Na de verkiezingen voor de provinciale staten leek Rabbinge buiten de boot te vallen. Hij stond op plaats zeventien van de kieslijst, terwijl de PvdA vijftien zetels haalde. Rabbinge kreeg veel voorkeurstemmen uit Drenthe en Gelderland en werd daardoor alsnog verkozen. K.V

According to nutritionists, fibre is good for us as it stimulates the working of the flora in the stomach and intestines. Ralf Hartemink, PhD candidate being supervised by nutritional microbiologist Frans Rombouts, discovered however that one fibre sort can cause tooth decay. Fructo-oligosaccharide is a non-digestible carbohydrate which is increasingly used in designer foods. The fructo-oligosaccharides which remain in the mouth after eating are converted by bacteria into acids which cause caries. Nevertheless the researcher stresses that there is not yet cause for alarm: sugars are still by far the greatest cause of tooth decay

The International Agricultural Centre (IAC) is undergoing a reorganisation. The institute now has three thematic departments which replace the former seven sectors. By introducing more structure into the previously flat organisation the goal is to create a more flexible institute which can keep up with changes in the field of international cooperation and become more market oriented in its work. The reorganisation will not lead to any compulsory redundancies. This reorganisation is the preparatory phase for the future integration of IAC with Wageningen UR. Discussions on this next step will be resumed in the autumn

The Wageningen Graduate School Vlag (Nutrition and Food Technology) is having difficulties attracting Dutch research assistants (AIOs and OIOs). In the last few months the research institute has only taken on foreign PhD researchers. Of course it's great to be taking on so many international PhD candidates, but the balance has now tipped completely in one direction, according to Fro Pepping, secretary of the research school. Vlag wants to raise the AIO salaries, as the technical universities have done, in the hopes of attracting more Dutch graduates away from the buoyant job market. The microbiology and biochemistry chair groups are also having difficulties attracting postgraduate researchers

Students in the sub-departments of Forestry and Nature Conservation are worried about their impending move from the old house Hinkeloord to the new IBN-DLO building. Whereas anyone can walk in and out of the old departmental building, the brand new building in the Mansholtlaan is only accessible with a security pass. Student representatives are afraid that not all 200 students will be issued with a pass, which may mean that only graduating students will have access to members of staff. Worse still, you also need a pass to get into the restaurant. Ad van der Have from the Building and Grounds Office is reassuring: When you make up the balance I think it is a step forward. The IBN building is modern and inspiring, and offers students close contact with a large research institute for their own subject.

This week's translation is of an article on the Cloning debate currently raging in Wageningen

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