Nieuws - 28 mei 2009


After the summer vacation, articles in Resource will be available in Dutch and English. Resource will then become an environmentally friendly magazine – printed on paper from FSC wood – appearing 23 times a year instead of 37. Articles will first appear on a restyled website.

After consulting readers and experts, the publisher and the editors have made a plan for a new-look Resource. The main feature of the plan is that it will be a different kind of publication, and it will also have a different publication schedule. Resource intends to make intensive use of the internet, and to report on facts and opinions about research, education, student life and the organization on the restyled website every day. The same subjects will be covered in the magazine, because it must remain possible for readers to keep up to date by reading the magazine alone. The website will also provide a platform for contributions from students and staff, such as responses, blogs, photos and film clips. In the weeks when there is no magazine, there will be a digital newsletter with the main news of the week.

Background and human interest will have priority in the magazine, which is expected to include two main background stories, an interview feature and a feature that focuses on what drives the staff of Wageningen UR.

Discussions with readers revealed that there is a strong wish for an English-language version of Resource. For this reason, all editorial contributions will soon be offered in English. All the articles will be accompanied by a short English version, with a link to a full translation on the internet. The magazine will still primarily be in Dutch, as that is the preferred language of the majority of our readers.