Nieuws - 29 januari 2009


I would like to comment on Professor Giller’s noble efforts to abate the loss of skilled personnel from the University of Zimbabwe into the Diaspora. The improvement of smallholder farmer welfare can only be practicable when the economy in total is functional. The brain drain will only be halted when there are sufficient incentives and feedbacks for people in every sector of the economy, and not through sectoral efforts, though these can be the ignition points. As long as the rest of the economy is paralyzed, the results from research cannot be implemented for the benefit of the people since there will be no complementary inputs, extension, markets and institutions to ensure a sustainable outcome. Therefore as I see it, yes, let us do research and hope to use the findings in a changed future politico-economic environment.
The way I see it, it is not long before the country regains its lost grandeur. The time is nigh when the great nation will rise from its slumber and reclaim its lost pride. In the light of that, I still wish that after completing my studies I could go back home and apply the acquired knowledge in resuscitating the country. But without a paradigm change in the politics of the country as well as a return to the use of macroeconomic fundamentals, we can expect that more brains will be drained.