Nieuws - 8 november 2010

Queues for the WUR shop


Letter to the editor Resource #6.

I am irritated by the way we always get such huge queues for the WUR shop every time a new period starts. It is a phenomenon that recurs every time so that you would think that by now the WUR shop would be able to anticipate it happening every period. And the problem will only get worse with the increase in the number of students at WUR and VHL - a horrifying prospect.

It is not just a problem for the poor students who have to stand in the queue but also for the lecturers and student performance. That is because there will be loads of students sitting in the lecture halls that first week who have not yet been able to buy a book and as a result they will be getting behind from the word go. All these problems despite the fact that it is relatively easy to do something about it. Let me make a couple of suggestions.
Firstly, make sure the books are in stock a couple of weeks before the start of the new period, notify the students and promote the early sale of books. I made a few vain attempts to buy books before the start of the new period in the first couple of years of my degree; since then, I wait until week two of the new period when the queues have gone again and I can be sure they will have the books in stock.
Secondly, use an extra, temporary cash desk (perhaps a mobile one) at the start of each period. This way, students will get served twice as fast and it won't take nearly so long for everyone to have their books.
In the long term, the option of giving this WUR shop more room should be investigated. What about the new Orion Building?/Geert Koster, student