Nieuws - 17 mei 2010

Queen's night


'Orange people dancing and celebrating together, orange everywhere. That was all we knew about Queen's Night and Day before we actually got the chance to celebrate with these people this year', writes Bernhard Prewein, Erasmus student Biotechnology.

'Equipped from hat and sunglasses to socks in the appropriate color, we found out that apparently there were many places where "you just have to be". Combining Dutch and international advices we narrowed our choice down to either Arnhem, Utrecht or Amsterdam.
Luckily, ESN Wageningen had similar plans and organized a nice trip to Arnhem for Queen's Night. Queen's Day we eventually went to Amsterdam.

'With the most annoying whistles and horns we could possibly buy in Wageningen and our orange outfits, we felt ready for our Queen's Night trip. After arriving in Arnhem by mini buses, we found two very nice outdoor stages with loud music and dancing people. Surprisingly, big parts of our relatively huge group managed to stay together and not get lost in the crowd of people. As many Dutch visitors were dressed in red, white and blue and saved their orange clothes for the next day, our partly overdressed group members were also quite easy to recognize.
It was really nice to see so many people of different ages celebrating together. A whole city as one big party, without entrance fees and without noticeable violence. After also having a look at some bars and clubs, we returned home to get some rest.
The next day in Amsterdam we enjoyed equally. Telling ourselves that sleep is overrated, we continued dancing and celebrating the Dutch way. It was surely one of the best (pre-)weekends we have ever experienced. Hopefully, we will be able to pursue our plan and meet again to celebrate Queen Juliana's birthday another time.'