Wetenschap - 10 mei 2001

Qué Pasa? faces problems

Qué Pasa? faces problems

The Latin-American club Qu? Pasa? is looking for new accommodation, as they will have to leave their current location in the near future.

The town council advised the board to seek cooperation with other clubs in Wageningen. According to Qu? Pasa? chairwoman, Kitty Cruden, the Latin American club ANELA and La Fraternit? both reacted positively to their proposal for cooperation. Cruden: "Unfortunately though their building in the Niemeyerstraat is not suitable for hosting our parties." The International Club Association (ICA), located in the Marijkeweg, has reacted less enthusiastically to the proposal for collaboration. President Henny van den Berg did not want to comment on the content of the matter. "But we wish them success in the search for a new place." She added also that the International Club has started to attract more visitors and is open on Fridays again.

Yvonne de Hilster