Nieuws - 3 november 2005

Q&A/ Wageningen University souvenirs?

Wageningen University has had a lot of good press recently, especially since it was voted most popular university in the Guide to Higher Education. Rector Martin Kropff thinks students should be proud of this, and will be giving away T-shirts with ‘Wageningen No 1 University’ printed on them to all students in December. But there are more university souvenirs to take home.

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Coffee or tea in the canteen used to be served in mugs with the university logo on them. But, as these proved to be too great a temptation for students and employees they disappeared, and mugs are now plain. Nowadays you can buy a mug with a logo at the reception desk at the university head office. Other souvenirs can also be bought here, ranging from linen bags with the university logo on it, umbrellas, writing pads, pens to a wine set and a weather station. You can even buy a university flag, although at 35 euros it’s not cheap. It might also be a little bulky in your luggage when you return home. Fortunately there’s an alternative – small cocktail sticks with the university flag on them.

A word of warning though: don’t be surprised when you ask at the desk and find that the souvenir you want is not available. First of all, stocks are low. Secondly the more expensive items like the weather station are only available through the communication department. Thirdly, employees are not always sure of what the arrangements are for selling souvenirs. Be firm though, and if necessary ask them to order the souvenir you want.

If you need a souvenir fast and the university is not forthcoming, you can always go to ‘Het Masker’, a shop in the Kapelstraat that sells all kinds of party accessories and joke items. They stock T-shirts with Wageningen University on them, but no logo. Beware of the ceramic tiles with a print of the head office on them. They are out of date, with the words ‘Landbouw Universiteit’ on them, the old name for Wageningen UR.

Het Masker stocks all sorts of general souvenirs as well, like key-rings with typically Dutch clogs: ideal as a gift for family and friends back home, as they are small and not too expensive. Another source of souvenirs, including the famous Delft Blue pottery, is the Tourist Information Office, VVV, on the Stadsbrink near the bus station.

Laurien Holtjer