Nieuws - 9 november 2010

Pulling in students: this works too

'Sexist, racist and heteronormative.' This is what a female employee at the Radboud University Nijmegen thinks about their new and cheerful promotional films. The board chairman has ordered that the short films be given a 'silent retreat'. Could this be because they feature a playmate?

The Radboud University publicized three short films under the title 'Labrad'; more such films have been made.
The beautiful Ancilla Tilia, who is also a playmate, fetish pin-up girl and FHM columnist, plays the role of a scientist in the films. She has a liking for licking, distracts a man from his maths calculations until his head explodes, uses an axe to chop off an arm, which she subsequently 'disinfects' with a lot of phlegm.
Still unsure about their nature? Even the Nijmegen student council has rejected the films. In short, watch them quickly because they will soon make a silent retreat. Too late for that now.