Nieuws - 14 februari 2013


An Englishman appears to have stumbled upon a highly valuable 'rock'. He was walking along the beach when his dog became enthralled by a stinking yellow stone weighing three kilos. After a bit of googling he realized it was something a sperm whale puked up. Ambergris is used in perfumes such as Channel No 5. Hmm, lovely. The lump in question could be worth 130,000 euros. Maybe it's time for a holiday on the island of Texel...

Cycling weather
We go cycling for fun when the weather's nice, mostly. You knew that of course, but researchers from Wageningen and Twente have now proven it scientifically. But what constitutes nice weather? Rain hardly seems to keep the Dutch off their bikes. The key thing is the right temperature. So you have learned something new after all.
The prettier and slimmer a woman is, the fewer the sexual partners she has, says sociologist McLintock of Notre Dame University. Attractive women have more clout on the relationships market, giving them more influence on the success of their relationship. The opposite is true for men: the more attractive they are, the more partners they have. Tough luck.
Leeuwarden is putting itself on the map with a three day festival in July. Welcome to the Village is its name. The local naturists have their own ideas about that. They are happy about the new festival, part of which will be held on the nudist beach. But they do expect their visitors to bare all. Who's coming along?