Nieuws - 1 november 2011

Programme director Van Rooijen back at work

Hans van Rooijen is back at work as education programme director for Forestry and Nature Management in Velp. His return is the result of the successful mediation process with Ellen Marks, the director of the University of Applied Science.

Van Rooijen was suspended just before the summer holidays by the Van Hall Larenstein board because of a conflict. His removal led to a series of protests by employees at the applied university.

Staff at Forestry and Nature Management state in an e-mail that they are delighted with his return. 'It has been a pleasant surprise for us to hear the decision has been reversed', says Roos van Doorn, a lecturer in the group.

The mediation between Van Rooijen and Marks took more than a month. 'Ellen and Hans are pleased that the aim of the mediation, namely retaining Hans as education programme director, has been achieved', they say in a statement on the intranet. In addition to his job as education programme director, Van Rooijen will remain a member of the applied university's management team (MT). It was agreed in the talks that from now on he will be more explicit about supporting and promoting VHL-wide policies after they have been agreed in the management team. At the same time, everyone - including Van Rooijen - will still be free to 'voice criticisms.'

The staff in his education programme consider his return to be 'a significant turning point in attitudes and the atmosphere within Van Hall Larenstein. We wish the directors and the Executive Board every success in the course they have now taken.' Van Rooijen and Marks were not available for comments.