Nieuws - 13 januari 2011

Professors join the protest

Who? The rector magnificus Martin Kropff, chairman of the Conference of Rectors.
What? Will be leading an academic meeting on 21 January in The Hague protesting against the cuts.
Why? 'Because education is the best investment for our knowledge economy.'

What is going to happen?
'The professors will be walking in their gowns in a silent procession from The Square to the Dr. Anton Philips auditorium. A special academic session will be held there with former minister of agriculture Cees Veerman as the principal speaker.'

Have you taken part in protests before?
'No, never. We want to point out the importance to society of education and innovation, doing so in a dignified manner.'

TV Gelderland has reported that the jobs of 70 lecturers and 200 researchers are under threat in Wageningen.
'The plans will have a major impact on the budget. But here in Wageningen we put the quality of education first. Whatever happens, we will try to avoid having to make people redundant.'

Will many professors be coming?
'I have had a lot of positive reactions to my invitation. The problem is that people have very full agendas. Even so, I am expecting a good turnout.'