Nieuws - 6 oktober 2005

Professor takes students on a bike tour

It was a sunny afternoon on Saturday 1 October, as a group of students were taken on a cycle ride through Wageningen to discover more about the town. Their guide was Professor Martin Verstegen, in daily life professor of Animal Nutrition. One of his hobbies is doing tours of Wageningen for a local organisation, de Gilde.

Verstegen took the students to the Arboretum, the botanical garden. ‘It’s a gene pool for trees and a nice place for a walk in all seasons,’ he commented. At the Dreijen he pointed out the plaques on the buildings and pieces of art. He also explained about the university plans to vacate the complex in the future and move to the new buildings currently under construction at the Born. Meanwhile a rabbit hopped happily across the quiet road.

Aurélie Terrier, a master’s student doing Management, Economics and Consumer studies, saw the tour as an opportunity to see something of Wageningen. ‘I’ve been here for a month now, but apart from the town centre, the university sports centre and the university buildings, I haven’t had time to see much. Today I discovered some nice places that I might not have come across otherwise,’ she commented contentedly. The tour was organised by Studium Generale. / YdH