Nieuws - 6 april 2005

Producers’ support

On 31 March, Agri-ProFocus was launched, a joint cooperation between banks, development and agricultural organisations, including Wageningen UR. Agri-ProFocus was set up in response to a request from the minister for development cooperation Agnes van Ardenne. The idea is that the organisation will play an intermediary role on behalf of producers’ organisations in developing countries. Agri-ProFocus will locate the most suitable partners among its members in response from the requests they receive. This will save the producers’ organisations from having to approach all parties themselves. A board was appointed last week, and includes Professor Rudy Rabbinge of Wageningen University. Producers’ organisations can play a key role in economic development, and this theme has become a key one in Dutch development cooperation. The first projects that Agri-ProFocus is dealing with include support to cotton producers in West Africa and chain development for mangos from Andhra Pradesh in India. / JT