News - December 16, 2009

Procedure for reappointment of Aalt Dijkhuizen

Supervisory Board is asking for advice on third term for Executive Board Chairman

The Wageningen UR Supervisory Board has started a consultation process in connection with the reappointment of the Chairman of the Executive Board, Aalt Dijkhuizen. The Supervisory Board will carry out its own evaluation but in doing so, will be taking advice from key figures in the organization. The Board is obliged to consult the other two Executive Board members, Martin Kropff and Tijs Breukink, and a delegation from the employees' consultative body. Their recommendations are not binding.
However, the Supervisory Board's Chairman, Margreeth de Boer, says it has planned eight interviews. For example, she has requested interviews with the directors of the Science Groups and Van Hall Larenstein as well as with Aalt Dijkhuizen himself. Dijkhuizen is up for a third term of four years.
Aalt Dijkhuizen's current term of office ends on 1 March. The Board will come to a decision in January or February. De Boer: 'We will make that decision in close consultation with the Ministry of Agriculture. This is an extremely important appointment for an extremely important organization; the Minister wants to have some influence.'
The consultation process started last Monday. The Chairman De Boer does not want to reveal the criteria that Aalt Dijkhuizen has to meet.