Nieuws - 29 september 2011

Problems with MobileXpense

Employees' Council wants clarification on ‘irritating and bureaucratic system for declaring travel expenses' .

The central participational council plans to raise the problems with the new system for declaring travel expenses, MobileXpense, with the executive board. It will do this at the request of the employees' council of the ESG, where countless problems have been encountered in using the new system. Some of these were mentioned in the last Resource. It was said that the system did not work well and created a lot of extra work.
Until recently, staff who go abroad on business trips were given a fixed daily allowance for the duration of their stay. Now they have to produce receipts for all the actual expenses incurred. Staff complain that this is long-winded. To make matters worse, the digital declarations system does not work well, so recording their expenses is very time-consuming. According to the employees' council at the ESG, the new system is ‘ highly undesirable, inefficient, irritating and bureaucratic'.
But, says the employees' council, the ESG management says it cannot do anything about it because the decision to introduce the system came from above. That is why the central participational body has taken up the cudgels. The question will also be raised how much room for manoeuvre there is for Wageningen UR to adapt the system. The Human Resources department says that submitting receipts is a fiscal requirement which the institution ought to meet, no matter what it takes.