Nieuws - 27 september 2007

Prize for Maas valley design

Three students of landscape architecture at Wageningen University have won a jury prize from the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA). They came up with a design for South Limburg in which the region produces its own energy by using the river landscape.

According to the jury, the Dutch master’s students Claire Oude Aarninkhof and Martijn Slob and the Canadian Maria Galdon were the best European team with their ‘Vitalizing Maasvalley’ design.

The students used the flows of natural energy sources, such as the fluctuating level of the river and the seasonal variation in rainfall, to design a landscape with windmills, hydropower stations and solar panels. They also made plans for multifunctional land uses that can provide extra energy, such as burning plant remains in dry river floodplains. All the measures are intended to make the region self-sufficient in terms of its energy requirements. At present most of the energy the area uses comes from outside the region.

Vitalizing Maasvalley was one of the 169 entries for the IFLA 2007 international student competition, held during the 44th IFLA World Congress that took place at the end of August in Malaysia. The Wageningen design was part of a graduation project that the students did under the Energy Landscapes research programme.