Nieuws - 9 juni 2011

PremTime on Wageningen campus

Radio 1 presenter Prem Radhakishun’s bright red bus is back on campus in Wageningen. It is parked in front of Radix. A live broadcast starts at 10.30. Subject: soaring food prices.

Radhakishun is talking to Martin van Ittersum, professor of Plant Production Systems and Albert Schipper, chair of the Dutch Association of Bread bakers.
Want to join in? Sign up at the bus, twitter or call 0800-1121 from 10.30.
Announcement on PremTime's website :
'Food prices are going up and up. Rice, oils, grains, sugar, wheat, four and maize have to feed the world, but how long will we be able to afford them? The oil for production and transport is getting more and more expensive too. All over the world, there are countries threatened by unrest due to hunger and we are feeling the effects in the Netherlands too. Bakers have seen the prices of their ingredients double in six months. The World Bank recently published a report which says that food and oil prices and holding back the recovery of the world economy. How can we make sure there is enough for everyone and get our economy flourishing again?