Nieuws - 10 juni 2010

Preliminary registrations: VHL experiences growth, WU stagnation

Eleven per cent more first-year students than last year have now registered for Van Hall Larenstein. Preliminary registrations at Wageningen University are down by four per cent, but more could still come in.

Graph: preliminary registrations and final enrolments of first-year Bachelor's students at Wageningen University between 2006 and 2010.
At the moment, it looks as if VHL Leeuwarden will have twenty per cent more students. Animal Management, which was the largest programme anyway, is particularly popular. Numbers are slightly up at Velp, with a notable increase in Forestry and Nature Management. The preliminary registrations for VHL Wageningen have fallen slightly. A total of 863 people have now registered for Van Hall Larenstein.
There are 682 registrations for the Bachelor's programmes at Wageningen University. The enrolments for the relatively large programmes of Biology and International Development Studies have fallen, while interest in Animal Science seems to have increased. A slight fall is not really surprising after the rise of seventeen per cent last year. Enrolments are expected to end up at the same level or slightly higher. 'A lot of the applications from German students haven't yet been included in the figures', explains Eric de Munck of the Education and Research department.