News - January 12, 2006

Post/ The hunt is on

I would like to comment on the news regarding ‘The hunt for rich students from overseas’. There is one paragraph that is annoying.

‘For example, the market in Indonesia – it had seemed so strong and suddenly caved in, partly due to the weak dollar,’ thinks Van Langenveld. ‘Many students finance their study with corruption money, usually in dollars.’

I strongly disagree with the statement that self-financing students from a country like Indonesia usually finance their tuition from corruption. I realise that Indonesia is notorious as a corrupt country; however we cannot generalise that all the rich students who study abroad are financed by corruption money. There are many ways to be rich; both positive and negative. As Wageningen University is looking for overseas students, especially from developing countries like Indonesia, it should have a positive attitude towards its future clients/students.

This leads me to another question. If Van Langenveld thinks that most self-financing students are funded from corruption money, then why do the universities in Netherlands bother to look for foreign students, e.g. from Indonesia?
I think the challenge for Wageningen University when it comes to recruiting foreign students really depends on the overall positive attitude towards (future) international students, building a positive image of Wageningen University and well-developed marketing efforts towards the targeted countries.
The article certainly does not meet these requirements.

Luluk Suhada