Nieuws - 28 februari 2013

Possibility of green party on student council

If Wageningen Environmental Platform (WEP) has its way, the student council will have a green student party next year. The student group which promotes sustainable initiatives within the university has plans to form a new party.

The group did not come up with the idea itself, but its management got interested straightaway when student council party VeSte came in search of a sparring partner, relates president Matthijs Kolpa. 'We have many green students here; Wageningen has a green image.  In fact, it's rather strange that no one has come up with the idea of forming a green party earlier.'
According to Kolpa, sustainable initiatives could do with more support from the university. A party in the student council with sustainability high on its agenda would be a step in the right direction, he says. 'VeSte focuses on different issues than a green party would. For example, VeSte dismissed the Manifest van Morgen (a nation-wide student initiative in 2012 concerned with sustainability) out of hand. "Don't bother," they said, whereas a green party would definitely support something like that.'
The exact form which the party will take is still under discussion, says Kolpa, but there is a preference for a set-up in which the council party forms part of WEP's activities. 'WEP would then be half environmental platform and half party.'
Although the plan is only three weeks old, three students have already indicated their desire to be involved in the formation of the party, says Kolpa. If by the beginning of April there are at least two people willing to sit on the council, WEP will take part in the elections. 'One person can't keep the ball rolling.' So any students keen to be involved in  the sustainability policies of the university should contact WEP.