Nieuws - 9 april 2010

Poop gas tea does not stink

You can cook water with gas from your own faeces and make an ash tray from a just emptied beer can. Such ingenuities were presented at a talk cum workshop in the Forum during the Week of Waste, organized by The Wageningen Environmental Platform.

Each person in the Netherlands flushes away about 128 litres of water daily through the wc to get rid of just a few litres of urine and less than half a kilo of excrement. 'There are more efficient ways', says Joost van der Bulk. 'It's much better to process your faeces and urine right away instead of idly disposing of them through the wc', he continues as he hands a jar with a pale stuff to a curious Chinese girl. The stuff turns out to be a good fertilizer substance made from urine. The girl promptly hands the jar to someone else.
Joost pulls out a car tyre inner tube, attached to a sort of gas stove with a little hose. Giving him a hand is the maker of this ingenious contraption. 'In this tyre tube is bio gas, made from faeces produced locally by various Droevendaal inhabitants', says the engineer as he turns a little lever while holding a lighter against the burner. A blue flame pops up, a silence greets it, which in turn is broken by an exclamation 'amazing' uttered earnestly by a long haired onlooker. 'It doesn't stink', assures the inventor.
The workshop held after the talk is titled 'recycling art'. A blond girl proudly shows off a wallet made on the spot from a used soya milk carton. 'I need to clean it though', she says as soya milk trickles out her purse. She then demonstrates how to make an ash tray from an empty beer can.
Just then, the tyre tube contraption is brought out. A cut-open beer can with water is placed on the hot stove. The water cooks within a few minutes. Although no-one has a tea-bag, the participants, seated, share the water warmed by poop gas, before going out into the rain to cycle home.