News - December 14, 2017

Poll: most beautiful PhD thesis of 2017

Roelof Kleis

The last PhD theses of the year have yet to be defended, but the annual contest for the most beautiful cover is already starting. Vote online for the Resource Cover Prize 2017.

© Jeffrey Mulder

The final defence will be Friday next week; just before Christmas, Guido Camps will defend his PhD thesis. He will be the last in the line of 295 PhD students who concluded their PhD track this year. That is exactly one less than in 2016. From the mountain of PhD theses, the editorial office nominated ten for the Cover Prize 2017.

Eight of the ten nominees are Dutch, and seven are women. Last year’s laureate was Audrie Jacky
Siahainenia from Indonesia. As per usual, we have focused on the attractiveness of the subject and the creativity that was shown in illustrating the research. The use of colours and lettering have also been considered.

Voting is possible until the end of the first week of 2018, on the website of Resource. The covers are shown with a short clarification of the design and the research. The result will be announced online on 8 January 2018.

Voting is only available on the Dutch version of this article. The
page includes the English descriptions as well. Visit the page and vote