Nieuws - 26 mei 2011

Polish honorary doctorate for Van Lenteren

The Warsaw University of Life Sciences hands out an honorary doctorate once every five years. This time it was Joop van Lenteren who received the award on 20 May for his research on biological pesticides to deal with horticultural pests.

Van Lenteren, emeritus professor of Entomology at Wageningen University, has been collaborating with Polish entomologists for more than fifty years in the field of the ecology of predators and parasites.
He also helped restructure education at Warsaw, developed PhD programs during the Communist era and got Polish researchers involved in European research programmes. Biological pesticides are widely used in Polish horticulture, says Van Lenteren, partly thanks to the relationship with the Netherlands. Many Dutch market gardeners have operations in Poland, while Poles who have worked in Dutch horticulture are now applying the know-how they picked up there to their businesses in Poland.