News - August 18, 2011

Pleased to meet you!


From obscure towns such as Holwierde in the north and Posterholt in the south. From even more exotic places across the border. They are here for studies and all. With their dreams and aspirations. They are the first year students. We spoke to a few of them.


Who? Femke Top (17) from Doornspijk
Course of study? International Development Studies
Place to live? Temporarily in Veenendaal
Student life? I don't know for sure yet about this.
Society? I know a few people at CSFR, which seems to be a very nice society.
Ideals? I like people a lot and I want to be involved in development aid.
Ambitious? A six is certainly not enough. I'm a go-getter and I want to score good grades.
Wageningen? This course isn't available anywhere else, and I liked it right away during the information days; nicely small and very pleasant people.

Who? Marlou Juurlink (18) from Slagharen
Course of study? Biology
Place to stay? Dijkgraaf
Student life? Have fun going out with a big group of new acquaintances. I'm the first in my family to move out, and I look forward to becoming really independent. I've learnt how to cook healthy meals in the past year.
Society? I want to be involved in a sport anyway, such as 'knotsbal'
Ideals? I find that nature and environment are important issues.
Ambitious? Studying is going to be pretty tough but I'll do my best.
Wageningen? It was either Utrecht or Wageningen. In Wageningen, I felt at home immediately.

Who? Bjorn van As (23) from Velp
Course of study? Completed a BSc at VHL, now MSc in Forest and Nature Conservation
Place to stay? Sub-rented in Droevendaal
Student life? A pleasant city and good cafes. But I wouldn't be partying throughout the week.
Society? I don't think so. It was nice and fun in Velp, but I need time to study.
Ideals? Nature and preservation of species can no longer be taken for granted. Therefore, I want to do something about that.
Ambitious? When I was in primary five, I wanted to be a forester. Currently, however, I'm  eyeing the education field: I want to be able to teach. But my main aim is to deepen my knowledge, for example, in how to carry out field experiments well.
Wageningen? After pre-university, it was a toss between VHL and WU. I'm making this switch anyway now. The transition was really smooth and I'm very pleased.

Who? Saskia Overgaauw (19) from Holwierde
Course of study? Animal  and knowledge management, Stoas university of applied sciences
Place to stay? Dijkgraafseweg, in a student flat with 32 students
Student life?  I've got used to Groningen. Wageningen is much smaller. I would prefer to go home every weekend to my friends, boy friend and parents, or I'll miss them.
Society? Compulsory social evenings and ragging aren't for me. Instead, I want to do some sports.
Ambitions? No idea. I may take over my father's farm, but that's more for men. Anyway, I want to be involved in farm life and I'll see where that takes me.
Wageningen? The course here has two days of school and two days of training. So it's not going to be just studying and studying. I wouldn't like that.

Who? Christiaan Baan (19) from Giessenburg
Course of study? Nutrition and Health
Place to stay? Unfortunately, none yet. For the time being, I can stay in Barneveld for two weeks.
Student life? I am not really one for parties with beer and all. I'm hoping for a nice time, good conversations and to play games.
Society? I'll join the Navigators, together with three friends. We met during a gap year in Amersfoort.
Ideals? To be of some use to the world, and in my case, that would be to contribute to the quality of life.
Ambitions or aims? First of all, to get my studies on track, and then I want to learn an extra language. I saw something about inter-cultural meetings at the student chaplaincy.
Wageningen? I like food and I'm concerned about people's health. I have also considered doing an applied sciences study, but I can only become a dietician afterwards, whereas doing research is what I like.

Who? Anika Evertse (18) from Enschede
Course of study? Animal Sciences
Place to stay? Sharing an Idealis flat in Ede with two others
Student life? I am looking forward to it a lot! A completely new life after six years in pre-university, independence and a lot of fun. Wageningen seems to be very homely.
Society? I will join De Veetelers ('Animal Breeders'), as I'm taking my studies seriously. A bit of going out in Ede or Wageningen would be nice too.
Ideals? Animals are my life.
Ambitions or aims? The first year will be pretty standard, and that means working hard. The nicer I find it, the more ambitious I will become. Eventually, I want to be involved in animal nutrition and research.
Wageningen? This is the only city with this course of study and a little countryside atmosphere. That appeals to me.
Who? Amber van Veghel (17) from Almere (originally from Curacao)
Course of study? Food Technology
Place to stay? In a big student house on the Dijkgraafseweg
Student life? A lot of eating together, sporting and watching films. When the exams come, study hard. Meet friends for life. Have a cheap winter sport vacation. And do crazy things since students often go for strange ideas and projects.
Society? The Bongerd, in any case, where there are so many group lessons that it will never be boring. I also want to carry on with survival running.
Ambitions or aims? I aim to pass my subjects all at once, so as to get that burden off my shoulders. That should be possible, I believe.
Ideals? I would prefer to eat organic foods, but not at the cost of everything else.
Wageningen? Organic food shops, a lot of greens, a good sports school and friendly people. That's why. And my obsession is food.

Who? Lotte Geerlings (17) from Dodewaard
Course of study? Forest and Nature Management
Place to stay? Not yet, unfortunately
Student life? A lot of fun, a lot of burnt food and dirty bathrooms!
Society? Of course! You're going to study only once and you have to get as much out of it as possible. Ceres appeals most to me currently.  And I will surely join the student society WSBV Sylvatica.
Ambitions or aims? I want to get out as much as there is during my study period: sport a lot and do a lot in societies. I want to do my MSc in another country, specializing in marine ecology. Afterwards, I want an international job which allows me to travel all over the world.
Ideals? A job in which I can improve the living condition and environment of animals.
Wageningen? I have been to Wageningen for many years and have always found this a very pleasant little town. I've always wanted to do something concerning animals in a natural setting. This is possible in Forest and Nature Management because its field of study is very broad.

Who? Marcia Bodera Baeza (34) from Chile
Course of study? MSc in Food Safety
Place to stay? I have a room in a temporary housing with shared facilities, but I am hoping to find something for me only. 
Expectations? To contact other people from other countries and realities; I also hope to make future job contacts. 
Student society? Yes of course, I would like to practise yoga or some sport. 
Ideals? None, just have a good time and of course, get good grades and learn everything that I can. 
Ambitious? I studied Veterinary Medicine and have a MSc in Biology. I have worked in my country for seven years in a public institution involved in food sanitation and I hope to continue my work when I go back to Chile. 
Wageningen?  Because it is one of the best universities in the world in food safety and I like the methodology of the program very much.