Nieuws - 5 juli 2011

Plant sciences in Top 10

Wageningen is placed eighth in a global ranking of institutions with the most publications in top scientific journals in the field of plant sciences.

The most studied plant is Arabidopsis thaliana
Times Higher Education has issued another set of rankings measuring the quality of universities around the world on the basis of the number of publications in scientific journals and the number of resulting citations. This time it is for plant sciences. The institute with the most publications and citations in plant sciences between 2000 and 2010 is the Max Planck Institute in Germany. Wageningen is ranked eighth for publications and twelfth for citations.
The rankings are surprising as the top 10 is not dominated by American universities. The John Innes Centre in England is ranked second after the Max Planck Institute, and RIKEN in Japan is third. Only then do you get the American organizations USDA and the UC Davis. Wageningen is positioned just below Cornell University and just above UC Berkley. Wageningen has to put up with more American universities above it for the citation score.
The other Dutch universities do not play a significant role in the rankings. Utrecht is ranked 28 th for top publications and 36 th for citations. Other Dutch universities do not appear in the list at all, which means that they published fewer than fifty papers in top journals during that ten-year period. Wageningen had 103 publications, which were cited an average of 9.8 times each.
Last year, Times Higher Education issued a list of the top 200 universities in all subjects. Wageningen was ranked 144 th and the general universities covering a wide range of subjects scored much better.