Nieuws - 1 september 2011

Plant-e in race for 500,000 euros

The Wageningen company Plant-e has reached the final of the Green Challenge. It will be announced on 15 September which sustainable business will walk away with half a million euros.

Marjolein Helder and David Strik harvest spartina for an experiment
Of the 717 entries from all over the world, the jury of the  Postcodeloterij Green Challenge selected six finalists.  They have all developed a sustainable product: these include a shower that recycles water, a bamboo frame which enables solar panels to revolve to face the sun, and a technique  for generating electricity from living plants.
For Plant-e owner Marjolein Helder, the competition is incredibly exciting. 'Imagine if we win that five hundred thousand, then we can contract two product developers. Then we can prepare the technology for application on a large scale much faster.' Now Helder and co-owner David Strik run their company by spending one day a week each on it, alongside their academic careers at the Environmental Technology department.
On 14 September, Plant-e's second birthday, the finalists will present their entries to the jury. The winner will be announced the next day.
Below is the film with which Plant-e drew the attention of the jury: