Nieuws - 31 maart 2011

Plant Sciences looks for plan B for Prota

Ernst van den Ende, director of the Plant Sciences Group, is looking for alternatives to avoid retrenchment at Prota. 'The reorganization procedures are in progress, but I wouldn't rule out the search for alternatives.'

The Prota foundation, which keeps an inventory of information about valuable plants in Africa, has a financial deficit this year. Besides, the prospects for Prota in the long run are not bright, says Van den Ende. He meets with Prota staff members every week to discuss the possibilities of getting new sources of funding.
Prota was given the reorganization plan at the start of this week. The reorganization plan for the seven Prota staff members has been approved by the Executive Board and will now be submitted to the Employees' Council. This will make the plan formal as from 1 June. 'Talks with Prota should indicate long before this date if alternatives are present', says Van den Ende.