Organisation - June 30, 2011

Planning permission for temporary rooms on Haarweg road

The municipality of Wageningen is granting the University planning permission for the construction of 153 temporary student rooms along Haarweg road. The objection submitted by Idealis has not been accepted.

The existing building on Haarweg road
'The University is getting planning permission', says Sjaak Polderman of the municipality of Wageningen. 'We are now drawing up the formal document containing that decision. Idealis will get an explanation of why we are not accepting its viewpoint.'
Talks between the University and the municipality have resulted in the block of buildings containing the new student accommodation being shifted slightly so that there is more room between the temporary units and the nearby Idealis building. The building plans show that distance to be at least 17 metres. The shift in the new block means the new buildings are now positioned diagonally to the existing building, giving some of the Idealis residents more room and a better view. 'The municipality considers that distance to be acceptable', says Polderman.
The University can now start building but wants to see the planning permission first. The plan is for the company operating the temporary building to start construction work after the building trade holiday. The first unit with 51 temporary rooms will be delivered on 26 September. The second unit will follow on 17 October, and the third and final unit will be finished mid-November.
Idealis can still throw a spanner in the works. Once the municipality has published the planning permission, interested parties can file an appeal. The University can still start building while awaiting that appeal. But opponents can also request an interim injunction from the court in interlocutory proceedings. That court can then decide that the University will have to wait until the case has been dealt with before it can start building.