Nieuws - 2 november 2006

Pimp my flat

Idealis is planning to give the Dijkgraaf student flat building a paint job. Concrete grey will give way to the upbeat tints of the new logo of the student accommodation office. The colours – green, blue, magenta and yellow – will only be visible if you stand at the foot of the block of flats, as only the underside of the balconies will be painted. ‘We have to give the flats a new coat of paint anyway,’ said vice-director Jan Harkema. ‘We may as well use the opportunity to introduce more colour. We haven’t done it just because we have a new logo.’ According to Harkema, Idealis will be painting the other apartment buildings as well. Whether the front side of the flats will also be painted, he can’t say yet. ‘We are starting modestly. You have to look at them for a long time, and we don’t know whether people will get bored of the colours after a year.’