News - December 11, 2015

Pick the best cover of 2015

Roelof Kleis

The university produced more than 300 PhD theses this year. One of them has the most attractive cover, and you get to say which one. Join in the voting for the Cover Prize 2015.

The competition is straightforward: the cover which gets the most votes wins. But not all 300 theses are in the running. The editors have drawn up a shortlist. In an objective process ten covers were selected which we felt stood out in one way or another. There were a couple of key factors in this. Of course the cover should reflect the subject of the thesis. Creativity is paramount. And the overall effect should be that of a book cover.

See the ten covers on the Dutch page. There you can also vote. For every nomination there is a brief summary of the contents of the thesis. That might make it a bit easier to understand the covers and make a well-considered choice. But of course you can also unashamedly vote for a colleague, girlfriend, boyfriend, relative, fellow countryman or casual acquaintance.

Eight of the ten nominees are women: one each from France, Mexico, Poland, Brazil and
four from the Netherlands. The men are represented by two Brazilians. So Latin America is well represented. The results of the voting will be announced on Monday 11 January on the Resource website and in the first issue of the magazine in the new year.